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Our certified Trusty Techs provide computer repair in-home, at your business, or ultra-convenient pickup & delivery services for Brunswick County customers. We specialize in desktop/laptop repair, iPhone/iPad screen replacement, Galaxy tablet screen and chargeport repair, WordPress websites, and more!


Computer repair at your home

$85/ per hour

$30 trip fee added to first hour onsite

Computer repair services at your location near Shallotte, NC

Windows Computer Repair in Shallotte, NC

Convenient onsite service at your location

Shallotte Computer Repair

System troubleshooting

Malware & Virus Removal

Virus removal & malware cleanup

Remote Computer Repair & Support

Wired and wireless networking

Network printer setup

Printer setup


Systems support at your business

$105/ per hour

$30 trip fee added to first hour onsite

Onsite service at your location for commercial clients near Shallotte, NC

Workstation support for business customers

Remote and onsite workstation support

Endpoint network connectivity

Endpoint network connectivity

Printer troubleshooting

Printer troubleshooting

Cloud Backup

Data backup

Remote Computer Repair & Support

Solution consultation


For freelancers

$290/ per year

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5 design pages

Optimized for mobile

CMS included

Social media integration


SEO for top keywords


For small businesses

$490/ per year

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10 design pages

Optimized for mobile

CMS included

Social media integration


SEO for top keywords


For agencies

$990/ per year

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25 design pages

Optimized for mobile

CMS included

Social media integration


SEO for top keywords

Shallotte Computer Repair

Laptop / Desktop Repair

Malware & Virus Removal

Virus / Malware Removal

Data Recovery in Shallotte, NC

Data Recovery

Website for My Business

Websites with SEO

iPhone Screen Repair in Shallotte, NC

iPhone Screen Repair

iPad Screen Repair in Shallotte, NC

iPad Screen Repair

Convenient Tech Services

Trusty Techs is here to make your technology work for you. Our convenient services mean you don’t have to leave your home or business to get the best computer repair and screen replacement in Brunswick County!

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Convenient Shallotte computer repair at your location

Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

Our CompTIA certified technicians are here to figure out what’s wrong with your systems and get your devices talking to each other!

Virus & Malware Removal

Our complete suite of virus and malicious software scanners sure to find anything running that shouldn’t be. We’ll also make sure important system files weren’t altered by malware, as well as optimize your system for performance!

Windows 11 Upgrade

If you have a newer computer, it may be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11. Contact Trusty Techs today to see if your system is eligible for Windows 11.

Solid-State Drive Upgrade

Upgrade your desktop or laptop with a solid-state drive (SSD) to unlock the read/write performance bottleneck of your system. SSD drives are superior to old spinning hard drives in every way including faster speed, better durability, greater battery efficiency, and less heat generated.

Wired & Wireless Network Services

Home and small-business networking services to keep your PCs, mobile devices, or even POS systems connected to the world! Need wifi saturation for your premesis, or just wireless printer setup on your home network? Send us a message!

Motherboard photo during computer repair based in Shallotte, NC
Convenient iPhone screen repair at your location near Shallotte, NC

Screen & Battery Replacement

Laptop – Surface Tablet – Apple iPhone/iPad/MacBook – Galaxy Tab

Screen Repair

Screen repair for your device includes super-convenient pickup and delivery service at your location. Our high-quality screens have a 30-day defective warranty.

*30-day defective warranty does not include impact damage.

Battery Replacement

If your mobile device’s battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, it’s probably time to have it replaced by our certified Trusty Techs at your location!

We Come to You

Our mobile device repair includes convenient service at your location or pickup & delivery.

Solid-State Drive Upgrade

Upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD) from your old spinning mechanical hard drive is the best way to increase performance in your desktop or laptop.

10x Faster Storage

SSDs are much faster than your old hard hard. Your programs launch quicker and load faster. Less wait time means you’ll get tasks done quicker. Windows boots up much faster, even shuts down faster. Be more productive and upgrade to a solid-state drive today!

Keep All Your Data & Programs

You won’t lose your data or your applications. Your entire hard drive is cloned over with an exact replica to a faster, more efficient, and more durable SSD. Your entire Windows enviroment moved to the solid-state drive replacement!

More Durable - Less Data Corruption

SSDs are not susceptible to the impact damage old-style mechanical hard drives are. Drop your laptop with the hard drive spinning and the impact will flex the read/writes on the platters, scraping them and corrupting the data on the effected sectors. Solid-state drives have no moving parts, so this won’t happen.

Premium solid-state drive upgrades in Shallotte, NC
Malware & Virus Cleanup in Shallotte, NC

Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal

The Trusty Techs suite of multiple different scans provides a complete system cleanup of malicious software invading your privacy and slowing your system down.

Multiple Malware Scans for Thorough Cleanup

Malware is a generic term that covers all types of malicious software such as viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits, trojans, browser extensions. Some malwares infect your system to steal your data such as website logins financial data. Other types of malware steals your system resources to run criminal activities without your knowledge, such as botnet node to attack websites or mining cryptocurrency in the background of your computer. Our suite of malware scans will be sure your system is clean!

System File Repair

Sometimes malware infections will alter your core system files that run Windows, so the infection may persist through a virus scan. Also, some systems files may be damaged from and infection cleanup. Our service provides a thorough scan of your system files to ensure your operating system is back to normal.

System Optimization

While your system is in for scans, we’ll also optimize it for performance. The programs that startup with your computer will be optimized so no unnecessary applications are running and hogging resources – extra temporary files will be removed – hard drive defragmented, or SSD trimmed – dust blown out from the heatsinks and fans – the full service!

WordPress Websites

A beautiful custom built WordPress website on our fast SSD hosting with on-page search-engine optimization will stand out above your competitors and appear higher on Google, Bing, etc.

Easy To Use

Your WordPress website will be easy to update and change the text when needed. Upload your photos to galleries with industry leading WordPress content management with well-documented processes all over Google.

Search-Engine Optimized

Search-engine optimized WordPress sites appear ahead of the competitors on Google, Bing, etc. We take care of the on-page SEO by setting up the meta tags with your keywords.

Custom Domain and Emails

Get your own .com with a custom domain name to represent your business on the web, and also your own business email address.

Wordpress websites to represent your business online
Resolve Window 8.1 end-of-life warning with Shallotte Computer Repair

Still Running Windows 8?

Windows 8 end of support deadline was back on January 10th, 2023. Running Windows 8 while connected to the internet is not safe due to the lack of security updates to fix bugs and problems, leaving your personal data open to be potentially compromised by hackers.

Keep Your Programs

Just as long as your applications are compatible with Windows 10, you’ll still have your favorite web browser, office software, photo editor, games, and other productivity or entertainment programs!

Keep Your Personal Data

You’ll keep all your Documents, Pictures, Videos, Bookmarks, and everything else!

Completely Updated

Get the latest version of Windows 10 with all the security, usability, and feature updates.

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