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Ultra-convenient desktop and laptop repair service at home! Some repairs are quick, and some take a little extra time. Either way, our on-site or pickup/delivery service has you covered!

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System troubleshooting and repair for your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop. We also service Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and Microsoft Surface devices with high-quality parts and fast turn-around times! Request your free quote today.

Systems Troubleshooting

Windows 11 Upgrade

Solid-State Drive (SSD) Upgrade

Virus & Malware Removal & Cleanup

Wired / Wireless Printer Setup

Solid-State Drive Upgrade

Solid-State Drive Upgrade

Upgrading from a hard-disk drive (HDD) to a solid-state drive (SSD), while retaining all your applications and data, can bring several benefits, including:

Improved speed

SSDs use flash memory to store data, which is much faster than the spinning disks used in HDDs. This leads to significantly faster boot times, quicker program launches, and faster data transfer rates.

Increased reliability

SSDs have no moving parts, so they are less prone to physical failures and are more durable.

Better battery life

Because SSDs use less power than HDDs, they can help extend the battery life of laptops.

Enhanced performance

SSDs can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, which can improve the overall performance of a computer.

Increased storage capacity

SSDs come in larger storage capacities than traditional HDDs, allowing for more storage space for data, documents, and applications.

Improved shock resistance

Because SSDs have no moving parts, they are less susceptible to damage from being bumped or dropped, making them a good option for portable devices.

Reduced noise

Unlike HDDs, SSDs don’t make any noise, making them a good option for quiet computing environments.

Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal

Are you getting weird popups, seeing way more advertisements, computer slower than usual, or doing weird things? You may have a malware infection! Trusty Techs runs a thorough process of approximately 5-8 different scans, depending how serious your system infection is. Each scan finds different things, so it’s guaranteed to ensure that your system is completely cleaned up and running better than before.

And after your system is thoroughly cleaned up, we also run a myriad of other system optimization utilities and processes, including removal of pre-installed bloatware. This means your computer will most like run better than it did when you first pulled it out of the box!

Malware & Virus Cleanup
MacBook Screen

Laptop Screen / Keyboard Replacement

Dropped your laptop, or stepped on it and now the screen is broken? We can fix your broken laptop screen and make your laptop good as new!

Spill a drink in your laptop’s keyboard and now it’s not working properly? Lose keys on your keyboard? We can also replace laptop keyboards and bring it back to full-functioning status so you can get back to work!

Data Recovery / Backup

Computer won’t boot up and you need your data back for school or work? Trusty Techs can help! Hard drives are one of the most typical points of failure in a computer, since they have so many moving parts and are susceptible to impact damage. Dropping, or even bumping, a laptop while the hard drive is on can completely ruin the drive. Trusty Techs understands how valuable the data your data is to you. Most if cannot be replaced, so always have backups (use an online backup service) to prevent catastrophic data loss. If you have no backups, Trusty Techs can perform data recovery and backup for you. If the hard drive too mechanically broken to recover the data from normal methods and procedures, we are partners with a clean-room recovery laboratory in California and they can perform component-level data recovery to get that data back for you!

Hard Drive Platters

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